When adopting a puppy, adopting a dog, or teaching responsible pet ownership for kids, this puppy training book for kids is essential reading.

Instilling a Passion for Responsible Pet Ownership

Every kid wants a puppy!
But the commitment to puppy care and training are often forgotten once the novelty has worn off. What happens then?

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Animal Shelters,
Rescue Groups
Dog trainers,
Friends of dogs everywhere!

A Tale of Two Puppies Book Cover
Recommended for Ages 6-12+ 
96 pages. Beautiful, glossy softcover

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Explosion 1: NEWSecond Chance - A Tale of Two Puppies

What happens when two boys from different families adopt littermates from the animal shelter? Follow the boys and their puppies through that first year together. Can Andrew and Matt handle all the responsibilities that come with owning a pet?


NEW: Humane Education for Kids

The Latham Foundation for the Promotion of Humane Education: “Second Chance is a great educational tool that helps children and adults understand how crucial it is to have a lifetime commitment to their dog or puppy...It lets them know that their puppy's future is dependent on them and tells it all in...a way that encourages children to read this book again and again.”

Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and author, The Other End of the Leash: “The world would be a better place if every family read this charming and informative book before they brought home a puppy. I whole-heartedly recommend it.”

Children's Bookwatch, The Midwest Book Review: “Enthusiastically recommended...Second Chance is an excellent introduction for children in understanding what is involved with becoming good pet owners.”

Sarah Hodgson, Dog Trainer, NY Times Columnist, author, Puppies for Dummies and Puppy Perfect: “Sarah Hodgson gives Second Chance a twenty one tail wagging hurray! A gem of a book for kids to read and families to share.”

Badgerland German Shepherd Rescue, Martha Pollard, President: “…an educational tool for both children and adults…so many great tips in this book on how to properly care for dogs and the rewards you get for making the commitment.”

Second Chance - A Tale of Two Puppies is truly a heart-warming story that will instill a lifelong passion for responsible pet ownership.

What every child needs to know about responsible pet ownership. This is the book every dog wants them to read!

By Judy Masrud
Illustrated by Cathy Pool



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