When adopting a puppy, adopting a dog, or teaching responsible pet ownership for kids, this puppy training book for kids is essential reading.

Humane Education

Second Chance

Responsible Pet Ownership For Kids


Unit Study for Grades 3-6


For millions of dogs, it’s a short road from puppyhood to the animal shelter. The Second Chance – Responsible Pet Ownership Unit Study with its dual focus of humane education and literacy for third through sixth grade classrooms uses a high-interest story to convey its crucial message of responsible pet ownership. Based upon the children’s book, Second Chance – A Tale of Two Puppies, this unit study will not only ignite a passion for responsible pet ownership among kids, but will reinforce basic reading and comprehension skills with a story they will never forget.


Reviews by fourth grade teachers from Barron Area Schools, WI:

“[Second Chance] is really outstanding. I cried and laughed through it...”

“The students really enjoyed [Second Chance]. It is an excellent book on pet responsibility. Everyone who is thinking about getting a pet should read it.”

“...[Second Chance] was very educational. We had some excellent discussion about responsibility. The students loved this book. They gave it a five star rating!! I also gave it a 5 out of 5 star rating! We are currently wrapping up our follow-up research project "Mystery Dog Breed" and the students chose working on this project over watching the ending of the Halloween movie. I was more than pleased.”



  1. Igniting a passion for responsible pet ownership among the next generation of pet purchasers. Helping children develop into thoughtful, caring members of the community who cherish their pets and treat them with respect and dignity.
  2. Helping ensure permanent homes for our pets.
  3. Helping children become better and more eager readers, building reading and comprehension skills.

Topics include:



What happens when Andrew and Matt, ten-year-old boys from different families, get the puppies they’ve always wanted? Second Chance – A Tale of Two Puppies follows the boys and their puppies over the course of a year.  See their parallel attempts to handle all the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. Makes a great resource for the whole family!

With scenarios to which every family can relate, Second Chance helps kids under-stand the day-to-day realities of pet care. It will guide them to a great relationship with their own companion animal and will better the community by helping kids become more understanding, thoughtful, and compassionate toward all animals. Read Book Reviews


Whether used by a humane educator, the classroom teacher, or in a homeschool group setting, the 28-page Teacher’s Guide with Q&A discussion-starter format makes it easy to lead this unit study. Along with expanded discussion of the text, it includes suggested classroom and individual activities, reinforcing the concept of responsible pet ownership. 


Attention: Teachers, Humane Educators, Animal Welfare Organizations:
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