Paying with Check or Money Order
Follow the directions below to pay via check or money order:

  1. Complete all name and contact information fields. If shipping to an address in Wisconsin, you will be charged WI sales tax (5.5%).
  2. Under QTY, type the quantity you want for each item. If you do not want an item, leave the QTY field blank. The TOTAL field automatically calculates the total for each item.
  3. Under Select Preferred Payment Method, select “Check” or “Money Order”.
  4. If you have a Promo Code, type it into the Promo Code field.
  5. Click Submit this ORDER to submit your order. This form will be submitted via an encrypted SSL link to ensure your privacy and security.
  6. Mail your check or money order to:
    Birdseed Books for Kids
    520 17th Street
    Dallas, WI  54733