When adopting a puppy, adopting a dog, or teaching responsible pet ownership for kids, this puppy training book for kids is essential reading.

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Second Chance – A Tale of Two Puppies

Help kids understand what “responsible pet ownership” really means.
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Dear Carol: My brother and his wife want to get a puppy for their kids, ages 4, 6, and 9. Problem is, they’ve never had a pet before, know nothing about the responsibility involved in taking care of an animal, etc. What can I do?? Got any good ideas for me re. what I could say to them without seeming pushy? —Worried dog lover

Dear Worried: I love dogs too, and I understand completely your anxiety over any puppy’s future when going to a home where the family knows little to nothing about pet care. I’ve got the solution. Give them the new children’s book, Second Chance – A Tale of Two Puppies. It will clue your brother’s family in to what’s really involved in this venture. It’s literary non-fiction, so it’s loaded with helpful tips but told in a story form the kids will love. Large, sturdy paperback, 96 pages, 30 illustrations. At $9.95, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. And you’ll come across as a HERO.—Carol

“This book ties good information into a wonderful story about caring for an animal and the benefits you get from having a pet. A very inspirational story indeed!…Second Chance is a great story for families to read before getting a dog…”
from Hannah’s blog, Best Friends Society, UT

“It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend…Second Chance – A Tale of Two Puppies…I encourage every family that plans on owning a pet to read this book together. I have no doubt that it will help place many more animals in good, loving homes. I look forward to recommending [this] book to our shelter patrons, and promoting it at public outreach events. It is a great tool for those of us in the pet welfare industry!” 
—Chuck Tourtillott, Director, Humane Society for Southwest Washington

Second Chance is a great educational tool that helps children (and adults) understand how crucial it is to have a lifetime commitment to their dog or puppy...gives children and their parents practical tips on how to avoid confusing their dog and/or inadvertently reinforcing unwanted behaviors. It lets them know that their puppy's future is dependent on them...entertaining and heart-warming.”
—The Latham Foundation for the Promotion of Humane Education

“The world would be a better place if every family read this charming and informative book before they brought home a puppy. I whole-heartedly recommend it.”
– Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.
Author, The Other End of the Leash, and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist.

“Sarah Hodgson gives Second Chance a twenty one tail wagging hurray! A gem of a book for kids to read and families to share.”
-Sarah Hodgson, Author,
Puppies for Dummies and Puppy Perfect.

“The stories of Boomer and Chance demonstrate the importance of having the time and understanding of what it takes to properly care for an animal and what can happen if you don’t…Boomer’s story shows how wonderful it can be and Chance’s shows the consequences when it’s not that way.”
—Janelle Dixon, Executive Director, Humane Society for Companion Animals, St. Paul, MN

“The book cleverly combines an original story with sound advice on training a new dog and treating it correctly. It will make children and their families consider the commitment when taking on a new dog and also how important it is to handle the dog correctly from the start. The story of Chance, who was handled inappropriately and then got a bad reputation and so needed rehoming again, is one we see often.”
-Tracy Genever, Children's Education Officer
The Blue Cross - Britain's Pet Charity.

“[Second Chance] should be read by every family considering getting a puppy. An excellent Humane Education teaching tool.”
—Stephanie Bucalo, www.HumaneTeacher.com

“…an educational tool for both children and adults…so many great tips in this book on how to properly care for dogs and the rewards you get for making the commitment…I only wish it would be possible to make people read books like this before purchasing any dog.”
—Martha Pollard, President, Badgerland German Shepherd Rescue.

“Enthusiastically recommended...Second Chance is an excellent introduction for children in understanding what is involved with becoming good pet owners.”
- The Children's Bookwatch
The Midwest Book Review

“A true character builder. If only all pet owners could read such a delightful manual of the needs and concerns of animals. Teaches empathy, responsibility, accountability, and love. All with a happy ending. Focus on children, but even adults will view the love and benefits of pet ownership anew.”
E. Lambert, reviewer

“This book is an excellent learning tool for any child and family who are considering adopting a puppy...the author includes...useful training tools and tips for such things as obedience training, dog behavior, and appropriate chew toys.”
—Children's Literature

“[Second Chance] is really outstanding. I cried and laughed through it...”
Fourth Grade Teacher, Barron Area Schools, WI

“Second Chance...is an excellent story...effectively illustrates the important role of the adopters and how their actions in raising and training a dog plays a large part in how friendly and well-behaved the dog becomes...Informative sidebars on do's and don'ts...well-conveyed message...an important book for anyone adopting a dog.”
Alliston & District Humane Society

“Wow! An informative and useful book, explained within a story that will appeal to children and adults alike – it’ll stay with you always.”
Sharon Barker, Member, K9 Dog Training, North Yorkshire, UK

“Judy Masrud gives good insight into two different adoptions with a surprisingly happy ending!”
—Greg Thompson, Humane Society of Barron Co. WI

“Addresses the difference between just owning a dog and being a responsible pet family…a great book to read as a family before bringing that puppy home!
—Sheri Marek, Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin

“…weaves essential information about responsible dog ownership in a familiar story…Second Chance fills a void in children’s books by addressing the escalating problem of unwanted dogs and how they end up in that situation…a great start at investigating the question, ‘Should we get a dog?’” 
—Linda Baker, AdoptingaDog.org

“Second Chance – A Tale of Two Puppies is a very real account of two possible situations that illustrate the responsibility that goes along with dog ownership.”
—Danette Phelps, Obedience Trainer, on behalf of Midwest Border Collie Rescue

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